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If you or your company is in the market for an air conditioner installation or replacement, look no further than Alair! 

Our air conditioner installation service is powered by an in-house team of experienced air conditioner technicians who are highly trained and experienced in the air conditioning industry.

Air Conditioner Options

Alair supplies a wide range of air conditioner brands and types. If you are unsure which will suit your needs, simply contact us, and we will assist you with your choice. 

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Alair specialises in professional air conditioner installations. Our skilled technicians are experienced in handling a wide range of air conditioning systems and will work diligently to ensure a seamless installation process.

We understand the importance of a properly functioning air conditioner, especially in hot climates, which is why we prioritise quality workmanship and use top-notch equipment.

With Alair, you can trust that your air conditioner installation will be carried out with precision and expertise, leaving you with a cool and refreshing environment to enjoy.

Alair supplies and installs several different types of air conditioner units available to suit various needs and preferences.

Midwall Split units are one of the most common types, consisting of an indoor unit mounted on a wall and an outdoor unit. They are versatile, energy-efficient, and offer excellent cooling performance for individual rooms or smaller spaces.

Under Ceiling Cassette units are designed to be installed in the ceiling, providing even airflow throughout the room. These units are discreet and distribute cool air evenly, making them suitable for larger areas.

Floor Standing units are self-contained air conditioners that sit on the floor. They are ideal for spaces with limited wall or ceiling space and offer flexible installation options. Floor Standing units can deliver powerful cooling and are often used in commercial settings.

Ducted units are concealed air conditioning systems that use a network of ducts to distribute cool air throughout multiple rooms. They offer centralized cooling and can be customized to suit specific zones or areas within a building.

Hide Away units are compact and designed to be discreetly hidden within furniture or false ceilings. These units are suitable for spaces where aesthetics are a priority, providing a seamless integration without compromising on cooling performance.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Package units are comprehensive systems that combine heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in a single unit. They are commonly used in large commercial or industrial settings to provide complete climate control.

Each type of air conditioner unit offers unique features and benefits, allowing individuals and businesses to choose the one that best fits their requirements for cooling, aesthetics, space availability, and energy efficiency.

Inverter air conditioners are a cutting-edge solution for efficient and comfortable cooling and heating.

Unlike traditional air conditioners that operate at fixed speeds, inverter models are designed to dynamically adjust their cooling or heating capacity based on the room’s needs.

This innovative technology allows for precise temperature control and significant energy savings. Inverter air conditioners provide consistent cooling or heating without frequent temperature fluctuations, resulting in improved comfort and reduced energy consumption.

With their advanced features and environmentally friendly operation, inverter air conditioners are an excellent choice for those seeking efficient and sustainable cooling and heating solutions.

Non-inverter air conditioners are a traditional cooling or heating option that operates at a fixed speed. These air conditioners have a simple on/off mechanism and run at maximum capacity until the desired temperature is reached, after which they turn off. Once the room temperature changes again, they start again to maintain the desired temperature.

While non-inverter air conditioners are generally more affordable upfront, they are less energy-efficient compared to their inverter counterparts. This can lead to higher energy consumption and potentially higher electricity bills. However, non-inverter air conditioners are still a viable option for those seeking basic cooling needs without the need for advanced features or energy-saving benefits.

Residential air conditioning systems are integral to sustaining comfortable indoor temperatures in homes. These systems skillfully regulate the air by cooling, heating, and dehumidifying the indoor environment, giving respite from sweltering or frigid weather conditions.

They come in a range of types, including split systems, central air conditioners, window units, or portable air conditioners. Modern systems have seen tremendous advancements in technology, offering users eco-friendly options, precise temperature control, and programmable settings optimized for efficiency and comfort.

Residential air conditioning is an indispensable tool in improving the quality of life, making the living space more comfortable during hot summer months or maintaining agreeable temperatures during colder ones.

Effective air conditioning systems are crucial in creating a comfortable and productive work environment for businesses. These systems regulate indoor temperature, humidity, and airflow while ensuring optimal conditions for both employees and clients.

Depending on the office size and specific requirements, business air conditioning units can range in size and complexity, commonly using central air conditioning systems for more prominent office buildings.

Well-maintained air conditioning systems enhance employee satisfaction by regulating temperature, improving air quality, and reducing humidity levels. An effective working environment created by efficient air conditioning can improve productivity, concentration, and overall well-being.

Modern business air conditioning systems offer smart controls, energy-saving options, and zoning capabilities for a personalized comfort and cost-effective operation.

Alair supplies a wide range of air conditioner brands. Some of our brands include but not limited to:

Samsung, Alliance, LG, Carrier, Midea, etc…

It is important to make use of main stream air conditioner brands to ensure service abilities and parts availability when the need arises. Less common air conditioner brands become hard to maintain as time goes on.  

Need an air conditioner installed?

For a quick and easy home or office aircon sales and installation service, simply give Alair a call on 0860 886 886011 849 1010 or email us at

Our Residential, Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning services are available in Gauteng and selected outlying areas.

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