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Alair, a well-established air conditioner contractor in South Africa, boasts an extensive client base spanning Gauteng.

Explore our comprehensive Air Conditioning Services by specifying your needs below. Our offerings include air conditioner sales, installations, and services, as well as maintenance and repairs throughout Gauteng.

With a longstanding presence in the industry, Alair has garnered a reputation for excellence, providing top-notch solutions to meet diverse air conditioning requirements. Whether you are seeking reliable installations, routine maintenance, or efficient repairs, Alair stands as your trusted partner, delivering quality services to enhance your indoor climate control.

Discover the breadth of our expertise and join countless satisfied clients who have experienced the reliability and professionalism synonymous with Alair’s commitment to superior air conditioning solutions.

Service Capacity

Alair has numerous teams of technical specialists ready to address all our clients Air Conditioning Services requirments.

Alair’s Specialist Technical Teams

  • 2 Dedicated Aircon Installation teams, that can also do service and basic breakdowns.
  • 2 Dedicated service teams, that can do basic breakdowns and installation.
  • 2 Dedicated Air Conditioner Repair teams that can do installations and servicing.

This makes it possible for us to have six to seven Air Conditioning Contractors on the road at any one time.

Aircon Technician Composition

Each team comprises an experienced air conditioner technician and a junior air conditioner technician, but the junior technicians have been with us long enough for the majority of them to be qualified and experienced. Most of our staff have either been trained internally or have even gone on training courses with the relevant suppliers, e.g. Samsung, Lg, Daikin etc.

The technicians have been trained in fault finding and electrical and gas problems, with most able to braze and weld the relevant pipes. The staff at present range from +-5years to 30 years in the industry, and therefore have the necessary skill to undertake any problem.

Air Conditioning Services