Have the Right Information at Hand Before Buying an Air-Conditioner

Buying a Samsung Air-ConditionerFor clients’, the purchasing of a Samsung air-conditioner tends to be a substantial investment for their household budgets, which is why it is critical that they make sure all the right bases are covered before acquiring such an appliance.

There are some in-home factors that need to be taken into account before making a purchase like this. In addition, there are certain questions that the consumer should ask the supplier before committing to the deal,

One of the most crucial things to know is the size of the room to be cooled in square meters, as buying at air conditioning unit that is too big for the area will mean wasted money, while buying one that is too small will mean the room cannot be cooled correctly.

It is also necessary to understand whether there are areas in the room that might get excessively hot, such as a large un-tinted glass patio door, for example. As this will allow a great deal of sunshine into the room, it is usually recommended that a larger size product is installed to compensate.

Since the majority of domestic air-conditioners are split units with both an indoor and an outdoor component, the customer or potential buyer must bear in mind the rules of the body corporate, if they live in a complex, as well as basic aesthetics if they live in a house. Accredited installers can assist with placement, but it is always better if the consumer already has a good idea of where they want it located.

They should also ask in-store about the energy ratings of their chosen product. The higher the energy efficiency, rating the more cost effective it will be in the long term. It also goes without saying that consumers must take into consideration the service and maintenance agreements and ensure that an accredited installer is used from the outset, in order to maintain the warranty for its full period.

The additional factor to remember if you are unsure about committing to such an investment is that air-conditioners provide both cooling and heating, making them useful throughout the year. In addition, when compared to the cost of using a bar or gas heater, a good unit can save you up to 60% in terms of electricity costs..

In the past, these appliances were viewed as a luxury item, but an increasing number of households today are viewing these as necessities, which means individuals are demanding better, more efficient products. It is for this reason that Samsung has begun placing its 360 Cassette units, which offer omni-directional airflow discharge for a premium cooling experience, at our brand stores. In response to the 360 Cassette’s popularity increasing so significantly in the consumer market, a smaller Mini Cassette version will be released in 2017.

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