Low Air Conditioner Running Costs

Air conditioners are known to come with high running costs. As times have changed, so have air conditioners, and the right choice of air conditioner could save you a whole lot of money!

Air conditioners are great! It does not matter if you use them at home or in the workplace during summer or winter, it is the perfect tool to keep your environment at a comfortable temperature.

High air conditioner running costs often put homeowners and businesses off of the idea of purchasing an air conditioner. But, there are ways and means to own an air conditioner and use it without the worry of excessive electricity bills.

An air conditioner is an electrical machine which either cools or heats an environment. It is going to consume electricity. But, there are various measures that you can put in place to reduce air conditioner electricity consumption.

The following are the proven points that you can put in place to cut down on air conditioner costs:

Choose The Right-Sized Air Conditioner

Using a small air conditioner unit in a large room or office is not cost-efficient. It will have to work harder to cool or heat the intended area, which puts strain on your air conditioner’s health as well as on electricity consumption.

Correctly sized air conditioner units will consume less electricity, will be less likely to break down and it will heat/cool the intended space far quicker.

In addition to the size of the air conditioner, it is better to opt for an Inverter air conditioner. Inverter air conditioner units may cost slightly more to purchase due to their power-saving abilities, but the saving in electricity consumption will outweigh the cost of the unit.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Temperature Steady

Further reduce electricity costs is by keeping your air conditioner at a steady temperature. Continual changes in temperature settings will cause the air conditioner unit to work twice as hard to maintain the set temperature.

Find a comfortable summer and winter temperature setting and stick to it.

Regular Filter Cleaning

Over time, air conditioners will collect dust and debris, it will affect its efficiency and performance. A strained air conditioner will consume more electricity.

Most air conditioners come with filters that are easily removed for regular cleaning. This task is easier enough to complete yourself, but if preferred, you can request Alair to come out to clean it for you.

Annual Services

Lastly, it is a good idea to book your air conditioner unit for an annual service. Air conditioner services include comprehensive cleaning, lubricating, various checks, adjustments and repairs if required.

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