Important Air Conditioner Services and Maintenance

An air conditioner is an expensive piece of machinery to install. As a result, once you have an air conditioner installed, it is important to look after it to ensure top performance and to avoid costly breakdowns.

The top five reasons to service an air conditioner on a regular basis includes:

  1. Preservation of the air conditioning unit – Regular services will preserve the lifespan of your air conditioner unit/s. A service will also help prevent unforeseen and costly breakdowns.
  2. Energy savings – An air conditioner that is not 100% operational and un-serviced can draw more electricity than necessary. Ensuring that air conditioners are well maintained will ensure maximum energy efficiency.
  3. Cooling and heating efficiency – A neglected air conditioner unit will not deliver the correct heating and cooling output. Not only can this be frustrating for the user/s of the air conditioning user, it also places the unit under unnecessary strain.
  4. Health Risks – Many health risks are associated with dirty air. An un-maintained air conditioner will further distribute dirty air and unhealthy air. Blocked and dirty air conditioner filters also put damaging strain on the air conditioner unit.
  5. Cost Savings – By keeping an air conditioner well maintained, you will save money on unnecessary energy consumption, costly repairs and possible expensive unit replacements. Regular services will keep your air conditioning unit/s clean, functional and it will prevent costs on breakdown repairs.

Air Conditioner ServiceWe recommend that an air conditioner unit is serviced at-least once a year. Our services include but are not limited to the following checks and actions:

  • Refrigerant – It is important that the coolant level of an air conditioning system is tested annually
  • Electrical signals – We ensure that voltage and amperage to all electrical motors is correct
  • Air flow – The air flow across the indoor cooling coil is tested
  • Lubrication – All the moving parts are lubricated with non-dust collecting lubricants
  • Thermostat – Checked, cleaned and adjust if necessary
  • Air filters – Check and cleaned
  • Refrigerant pressure – Check for the correct operating pressures on refrigerants
  • Drain lines – Drain and inspect condensate drain
  • Capacitors – Ensure good working condition
  • Compressor – Test that the compressor is fully operational

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