Importance of an Air Conditioner and Good Clean Air

Cleaning and servicing an air conditioner is important. As soon as an air conditioner starts getting blocked up and dirty, it will start putting extra pressure on the inner works of the unit making it work harder than it should. This also brings risks of costly breakdowns.

Benefits of a well maintained Air Conditioner

  1. Save money on unexpected breakdowns
  2. Save money on energy costs as an air conditioner that is not working at optimal efficiency uses more power
  3. Regular maintenance will extend the life of the air conditioner unit.
  4. A dirty air conditioner can release dust and debris into your home or office. A clean air conditioner will produce clean and healthy air.

How often should an Air Conditioner be serviced?

Alair recommends that an Air Conditioner is serviced by a professional Air Conditioning company at-least once a year.

Accessible filters can be cleaned one every one to two months and this can be done as a DIY job.


Besides avoiding costly repairs, a maintained air conditioner is going to produce quality air to assist in keeping you and those around you safe and sound.

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