Have you got Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Good air quality in offices, retail spaces and homes are crucial to reduce the risk of ill health caused by allergies, respiratory disorders, viruses and many more.

Clean airflow can reduce the frequency of colds, flu, allergies, asthma and various other ailments caused by polluted air. Clean air promotes good health!

Office, Retail and Home Air Pollution

Air conditioner systems that are not maintained will fail and not be effective in producing clean air. AC units collect dust, pollen and mould, which alone is harmful to breathe in, but it also creates a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacterias.

Get your Air Conditioner Serviced

There are many advantages to having an air conditioner system serviced. One of the most important reasons is to maintain healthy airflow. An air conditioning system should be serviced at-leased once a year, but air filters should be cleaned at least twice a year, between Summer and Winter, for optimum air quality.

Alair provides a trusted air conditioning maintenance service in Gauteng. As an optional service, clients also have a choice to have their air filters sanitised to assist with disinfected air being distributed.  Ask out team about this option when Requesting a Quote.

Alair Air Conditioning

Alair is a well established Air Conditioner company in Gauteng. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, client’s can rest assured that all Air Conditioner services offered are done with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our full-service range includes:

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