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Air Conditioner for Heating

Are you considering air conditioners for heating purposes? Inverter air conditioners are usually more expensive than standard non-inverter models. However, as an air conditioning company, we believe their energy savings will quickly offset the initial cost difference. Especially during winter, you’ll notice a significant improvement when using an inverter air conditioner instead of traditional oil or electric heaters.

What are the benefits of an inverter air conditioning vs a standard air conditioner?

  • A 25% to 50% reduction in running costs
  • Quicker startup time (heating time)
  • Cleaner air output which is a great health benefit
  • A constant, comfortable temperature
  • No loose heater to store in the summer months
  • Your heater will double up as an air cooler for the summer months

What is the difference between an inverter and a standard air conditioner?

A standard air conditioner, also known as a fixed-speed unit, operates at a constant power level. This means that the compressor has to continuously turn on and off in order to maintain the desired room temperature, which can lead to increased wear and tear.

On the other hand, inverter air conditioning systems adjust the speed of the compressors to provide precise cooling or heating based on the specific requirements of the room. This allows for more efficient and accurate temperature control without frequent cycling on and off.

How does Inverter Air Conditioning work?

Air conditioning units adapt to the outdoor and room climate for optimal cooling or heating. When more cooling or heating is needed, the compressor speeds up and increases refrigerant flow. Conversely, during moderate outdoor temperatures, the compressor slows down and reduces refrigerant flow to decrease the cooling or heating capacity.

With inverter air conditioning, the compressor quickly cools or heats the room upon activation. As the room temperature approaches the desired level, the compressor slows down to maintain a constant temperature and save energy. If there are sudden temperature fluctuations, the system detects them and promptly adjusts to restore the set temperature.

As one of the leading air conditioning companies in Johannesburg, we prioritise providing the best air conditioners tailored to our client’s specific needs.

We have a large selection of air conditioners for sale.

Decrease your winter heating costs with an inverter air conditioner from Alair. Install an Air Conditioner today!

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Air Conditioners for Heating