Some people see an air conditioner as a luxury. But very few people realise the positive benefits that an aircon provides. In South Africa, we experience extreme weather condition. From extremely hot days to extremely cold days and everything in-between.

The benefits of an air conditioner in your office include:

  • Heath benefits – Aircon’s reduces the risk of germs spreading in the office. They circulate the air. An aircon also has filters which filters out fungi and allergy producing mites in the air.
  • Comfort levels – A constant air temperature makes employees more comfortable in their working environment. Comfortable working condition leads to increased productivity.
  • Reduced stress levels – Research has shown that people in an un-ventilated and stuffy office have higher stress levels than people in air conditioned environments.
  • Office equipment cooling – This point you may have never thought of. Office equipment that runs in a call environment has a smaller risk of overheating that equipment that is in a hot environment. An aircon will reduce the risk of breakdowns.
  • Happier clients – Clients who come see you at your office will be more comfortable and they will be able to concentrate more on your service and focus on what you have to say.
  • Dual purpose – Where an aircon is great in summer to cool your staff down, they are also great in winter to warm them up at a comfortable temperature.

At Alair Air Conditioners we offer air conditioning solutions for both personal and business use. Our experienced team will advise you on the correct aircon solution to suite your exact needs.

We also provide experienced air conditioner maintenance and repair service to anyone who already has an air conditioner as well as to clients who have purchased an air conditioning system from us.

For more information on air conditioner sales or air conditioner repairs and maintenance, please feel free to give us a call on 011 849 1010, 0860 886 886 or email us at

Our aircon services is offered in Gauteng, South Africa.