A Clean Air Conditioner is a Healthy Air Conditioner

When temperatures rise and summer kicks in, you do not want to be caught with a faulty air conditioner unit.

The last thing you want is to turn your air conditioner on and it does not work! It is essential to maintain your air conditioner units regularly, even if it has not been used for extended periods. An air conditioner still collects damaging dust and debris when not used.

To avoid disappointing air conditioner breakdowns, it is a good way to perform some basic maintenance.

Self Service

Air conditioners are fitted with a basic filter that prevents dust, pollen, grease and other airborne pollutants from entering the air conditioning unit. From time to time, these filters get blocked up and put pressure on the performance of the aircon unit. Prolonged use of the unit with dirty filters can cause costly damages, and it puts more pressure on the motor, that will result in higher power usage.

Remove the filters and clean them regularly.

Professional Air Conditioner Service

Air conditioners should have annual services by an air conditioner service professional who completes an in-depth service.

Our specialist technicians complete a comprehensive inspection and carry out various maintenance tasks depending on the type of air conditioner. Some of these tasks include:

  • Inspect and clean air filters
  • Refrigerant level and pressor test
  • Electrical connections check
  • Airflow test
  • Lubrication of all the moving parts
  • Check, clean and adjust (if required) the thermostat
  • Drain and inspect the condensate drain.
  • Ensure that the capacitor is in good working order
  • Test that the compressor is fully operational

Alair Air Conditioning

Established in 1979, Alair is an air conditioning company based in Benoni, Johannesburg. Our vast experience allows clients to rest at ease, knowing that their air conditioner requirements will be taken care of.

Our service team is on standby for all types of air conditioner services and repairs.

For more information or to book an air conditioner service, please visit our website and request a quote or call us at 0860 886 886 / 011 849 1010.